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TOEFL-Writing-School and Education


1.德:提高道德标准 raise moral code/standards
成为好的社会成员 be a valuable/active social member
道德准则 a strong moral code
承担责任 assume/shoulder the responsibility to do
与他人合作 cooperate with others
价值体系 value system
遵纪守法 observe disciplines and obey laws
社区观念 sense of community
辨别是非 distinguish between right and wrong
团队精神 team spirit
2.智:理论知识+分析问题的能力 theoretical/academic knowledge + analyzing skills
独立和批判思考 independent and critical thinking
人际交往能力 interpersonal skills
领导力 leadership skills
组织能力 organizing skills
坚实的理论基础 a solid foundation in basics
动手操作的经验 hands-on experience
一手知识 first-hand knowledge
二手知识 second-hand knowledge
培养学生的竞争意识 cultivate/nurture a sense of competition in students
获得知识/技能 acquire/obtain knowledge/skills
3.体:身体健康+心理健康+养成良好的生活习惯 physical fitness/well-being
饮食健康 wholesome diet
强制的 compulsory
久坐的生活习惯 sedentary lifestyle
激发对体育的兴趣 stimulate students’ interests in sports
4.美:提升审美水平+文化修养 appreciation of Arts and Literature
自信 self-confidence
自律 self-discipline
自尊 self-esteem
自我培养 self-cultivation
内在动力 inner-motivation
毅力 persistence/perseverance/grit
5.劳:就业 obtain employment
合格的员工 a qualified employee
找工作 seek for employment
找一个好工作 find a decent job
找一份高薪的工作 find a well-paid job
找一份满意的工作 find a satisfying/satisfactory job
工作技能 employability skills
职业前景 career prospect
全面的 all-rounded/well-rounded
谋生 seek a livelihood
实习生 intern
实习 internship
职业道德 work ethics
就业率/失业率 employment/unemployment rate
提高就业率 improve employment rate
促进经济发展 boost economy
维护社会稳定 stabilize the society
Other useful expressions
高等教育 tertiary education secondary primary/elementary
义务教育 compulsory education
全面发展 rounded development
课程 courses/take a course in
学科 subject/discipline
家长对小孩的教育 parenting domestic/family education home schooling(家庭学校)
学校对学生的教育 schooling
反馈 feedback
捣乱的学生 disruptive students
课程大纲 curriculum
应试教育 test-oriented education
死记硬背 learn by rote/cram/spoon-feeding
学位工厂 degree factory
学校是社会的一个缩影 a school is a society in miniature
双语的/多语的 bilingual/multilingual
以学生为中心的 learner-oriented
拖延症 procrastination
心理学文凭 a diploma in psychology

Words and Expressions:

Chinese Expression Example
从日常生活中学到 gain from daily life We can gain lots of knowledge, at least the common sense, from our daily life.
竞争力在于 competitive edge lies in Her competitive edge lies in the name of her university, which is the Peking University.
仅仅只是 nothing but Her stare betrayed nothing but muddle and inattention.
击成碎片 smash into pieces This overwhelming project smashed her into pieces.
假装看不到 turn a blind eye to They would even turn a blind eye to an old granny who falls down on the road crying out loud for help.
由他们自己决定 at their own discretion This is a decision students should make at their own discretion.
有责任 be obligatory It is obligatory for all staff in the lab to wear protective clothing.
回想,回顾 reflect on The old man reflected on the changes that had taken place since his youth.
放弃 let go of We can never let go of our responsibilities.



It remains an controversial issue that schools are supposed to teach more theoretical knowledge or practical skills.


Some students don’t want to go to school, because they feel the stress from their peers.


Teachers should encourage students to consider problems with dialectical view.


Except for academic grades, college should pay attention to cultivate problem-solving, organizing and interpersonal skills.


Which one of the reason is most important in helping students to study in colleges and universities?

A. Having access to the university tutors who can provide individual instruction for the students who have difficulty in study.

B. Having the help and encouragement from the family and friends.

C. Having excellent teachers in high-school who can help the students before the university.

Use you OWN words to illustrate your point. Don’t use your memorized examples.(300 words)

During the university, students are supposed to enrich their knowledge constantly and be successful in their academic field. However, students are less likely to achieve rounded development on their own. This is the reason why undergraduates need others’ help. When thinking about who plays the most important role in helping students to study in universities, different people have different ideas. While some people may believe it is family and friends, and some consider it is high-school teachers, I think it is university tutors who is key.

Firstly, university tutors are helpful in professional academic research. When students have difficulty in study, tutors can provide individual instruction. Since they have already studied this field for a long time. As for me, I major in computer science. When I have problems with programming, my tutor always proposes more accurate and comprehensible solutions patiently than mine. And I can learn programming thinking pattern from her suggestions. Thanks to her, I am familiar with programming and find it interesting now.

Furthermore, tutors can broaden students’ professional horizon. Tutors may teach basic knowledge in the major, but what they are digging into is probably the most advanced in the field. Knowing any of those will be valuable for students. For example, I used to help my tutor who teaches machine learning with some additional jobs in his digital vein comparison project based on neutral network. My team members and I compared more than 70,000 digital vein images with our own naked eye. This seemingly boring task made me understand the boredom behind scientific research, so that I can be better prepared for it in the future.

In conclusion, I really believe university tutors have a vital role to play in terms of helping us succeed in our university. With tutors help, students can not only acquire the knowledge which they are required to study at the moment, but also extend their vision to a further place in the professional field. This is why I support having access to the university tutors instead of seeking help from family, friends or high-school teachers.

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