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TOEFL-Writing-Business and Economy


人口的增长 an increase in population
需求旺盛 be in great demand
出售,上市 be on the market/be launched to the market
自主经营 be self-employed
愿意/不愿意做某事 be willing/unwilling to do sth
促进经济发展 promote the development of economy/boost economy
建立事业 establish one’s career
因迟到打电话请假 call in late
打电话请病假 call in sick
升职 get promoted
赔偿 compensate for
失业补助 unemployment compensation
培养处理人际关系的技能 hone/cultivate the ability of interpersonal relationship
生产力下降 discourage/lower productivity
挣钱 earn money
发财 make a fortune
鼓励竞争 encourage the competition
就业 seek a career in
找到工作 find employment/a decent job
投资 target investment in
辞职 leave/quit one’s job
投诉 complain about
谋生 earn a living
获利 make a profit/generate profits
收支平衡 make ends meet
克服经济衰退 overcome economic crisis/recession/downturn/depression
跳槽 job-hopping
职业前景光明/黯淡 bright/bleak career prospects
误导公众 mislead the public
负债 get into debt
了解最新发生的事情 keep up to date with what is happening
经济问题 financial problems
更快了解实时新闻 have faster access to news in real time
经济压力 economic pressure
消费社会/文化 consumer society/culture
低收入家庭 less well-off/low-income family
来自贫困地区的人 people from deprived/disadvantaged areas
刺激购买冲动 evoke impulse shopping/impulse buying/impulsive purchases
入不敷出 cannot make both ends meet
大众媒体 mass media
还清债务 pay off debt
无处不在的 ubiquitous/pervasive/prevalent
过分购物 excess shopping/overbuying
虚假的 false/bogus
审查制度 censorship
对……实施审查 impose censorship on/censor
充斥着 be flooded/saturated with
媒体/广告炒作 media/advertising hype
购物狂 shopaholic
促销 promotion
市场营销手段 marketing tool
大规模的广告宣传活动 advertising campaigns
建立消费者对品牌的忠诚度 build consumer loyalty
公益广告 TV campaigns
电话营销 telemarketing
传单 flyers
墙画 wallscape
物质主义 materialism
消费主义 consumerism
家电 household appliances

Positives of Advertising:

  • Advertising is a key part of modern business.
  • Companies need to tell customers about their products.
  • Advertisements inform us about the choice we have.
  • Without advertising we would have less choice.
  • Advertising is a creative industry that employs many people.
  • Without advertising there would be higher unemployment.
  • Advertising is a form of modern art.

Negatives of Advertising:

  • Advertising may manipulate people’s decision.
  • It aims to persuade people that buying a product will make them happier.
  • Advertises focus on selling a brand image.
  • They use glamorous, successful people.(celebrities)
  • We now live in a consumer culture.(society)

  • We are persuaded to follow the latest trends.

  • We are encouraged to associate certain brands with a higher status.

  • Advertisers often aim their marketing at children.
  • Children can easily be influenced by advertisements.
  • Children put pressure on parents to buy them things.



Home workers are supposed to be those who like flexible work schedule.


Generally, the youth have noble ambitions, and they will strive for spiritual pursuit.


Workers who think their career prospects are bleak are prone to having the idea of job-hopping.


Breadwinners who raise a big family are not prone to jumping ship, because they need a stable income.


Issues related to working stress include more family/domestic disputes and lower productivity and efficiency.


Only elites have confidence in getting promoted and higher salary after job-hopping.


Getting a job in which you work with other people is better than getting a job in which you have to work alone.

There are many things to consider in terms of work pattern. Different people have different ideas about whether or not work with other people. While some people like to work alone. Others prefer to work with colleagues. Personally, I believe it is better for employees to work with each other, because employees who work with others can hone their interpersonal skills, and the work mode could encourage the competition. Meanwhile, collaboration may inspire people’s creativity.

Firstly, it is universally acknowledged that working with others can improve employees’ communication skills. At work, workers learn how to communicate with colleagues, bosses and customers. For example, what a programmer has to deal with is not only computer programs, but also figuring out what their partners are thinking, which means that workers must communicate and negotiate with colleagues frequently.

Moreover, colleagues that workers cooperate with are their rivals as well. As we all know, cooperation and competition are the eternal themes of human growth. Working with one another creates competitive atmosphere and environment, so that employees can gain knowledge from people who are more excellent than themselves. What’s more, the stress that competition brings may stimulate their passion for work.

Last but not least, teamwork definitely inspires people’s creativity. According to research, thirty years ago, only ten percent of Noble Prize winners worked in a team. Nowadays, the proportion of achievements achieved by teamwork has reached sixty percent. As the saying goes that two heads are better than one. The collision of people’s ideas always has the effects beyond the expectation.

In conclusion, I hold an opinion that working alone may avoid amounts of troubles, but it is far from being an efficient work mode. Instead, working with other people is the better way not only to encourage the productivity but to make workers enjoy teamwork as well. That why we should undoubtedly work with each other.

Author: Christopher Shen
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