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TOEFL-Writing-Science and Technology


科技进步 scientific and technological advance/progress
科技创新 technological innovations
彻底改变了 overhaul/change sth radically / revolutionize
越来越流行 an increasing popularity of/increasing popular
信息时代 the Information Age/Era
信息爆炸 information explosion/overload
互联网的广泛使用 the extensive use of/the widespread use/proliferation of the Internet
社交网络/网站 social networking/social networking websites
促进交流 promote/facilitate communication
获取更多信息 have/gain more access to information
减少人力的机器 labor-saving machinery
代替人力的机器 labor-replacing machinery
鼠标一点 with the click of a mouse
键盘一敲 with the click on the keyboard
地理上的阻碍 geographical barrier
以惊人的速度 at an astonishing/lightning-fast rate/speed/pace
提高效率或生产率 enhance/boost/improve efficiency/productivity
网络犯罪 cyber crime
安全问题 security issue
侵犯某人隐私 violate/intrude/invade one’s privacy
身份盗窃或盗用 identity theft
剽窃 pirate/plagiarize
盗版的 pirated
视力的减弱 weakened eyesight/visual impairment
沉溺于或迷失于虚拟世界 indulge in/be lost in a virtual world
游离于现实世界之外 be isolated from the real world
削弱与家人、朋友的关系 weaken/distance the relationship with family and friends alienate them from family and friends
性格变得孤僻 become solitary


general substitutive
development advance
appearance advent/emergence
使用 have (equal/free/immediate) access to
随着……的广泛应用 as sth use worldwide explodes



The advent of Internet has accelerated the flow of the spread of information.


It is undeniable that the Internet has, indeed, made learning opportunities more accessible to adults around the globe.

3.电子书籍技术是现代文明中的革命性突破, 使人们得以摆脱厚重的书本。

E-book technology is a revolutionary breakthrough in modern civilization, which enable people to shake off thick and heavy printed books.


Existing information technology is not advanced enough to prevent information disclosure in cyber world.


With the increase in cyber crime, the reliability of the Internet has been highly suspected.


The mobile phone brings a revolution in the voice communication.


Technology has made people’s lives simpler, rather than more complicated.

When thinking about the issue that how has technology changed our lives, different people will have different ideas. While some people may believe technology has made people’s lives more complicated, I think that it enables people to live more simply. Because technology can help boost efficiency.

Firstly, in terms of work and study, people gain easier access to information than before. For example, compared to the thick and heavy printed books in the past, we can find what we want on the Internet with the click of a mouse. Besides, labor-saving machinery plays an important role as well. Nowadays, massive amounts of work can be finished by computer programs, such as keeping bank accounts. As for me, I sometimes write a computer program to do some complicated calculations.

Moreover, when it comes to the transportation, the ever-changing technology is even more impressive. Thanks to the advent of high-speed rail technology, we used to travel a day on a traditional train that could take a few hours. Taking myself as an example, when my parents drove me from home to the university in another city, it took almost a whole day. But after the high-speed line from home to my university being constructed, I can reunite with my family in about seven hours. Meanwhile, with the advances in airline, long-distance travel becomes more convenient. During the summer vacation, I traveled to Nanjing. From the time the plane took off to the time it landed, I even did not finish a bag of chips.

In conclusion, I would like to say that technology has played a significant role in making people’s life much simpler. And It is undeniable that we can enjoy an efficient life with technology. This is why I support this viewpoint.

Author: Christopher Shen
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