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TOEFL-Writing-Living and Thinking


相应的 correspondingly
一代代 generation after generation
老一辈 older generation
无法想象 than one could imagine
多才多艺的 versatile
忙于,投身于 be engaged in
尖端科技 cutting-edge technology
提高竞争力 sharpen/strengthen one’s competitive edge/advantage
精通于 be proficient in / expert in / excel at
流行 prevalence/popularity be all the rage
喧嚣 hustle and bustle
勉强,不愿意 be reluctant to
首要任务 top priority
金钱赔偿 financial compensation
愤怒 at rage
流传,传递 sth pass on from sb to sb
叛逆的 rebellious
青春期 puberty
扭曲的价值观 twisted value
高调的 high-profile
低调的 low-key
受……影响,制约 be subject to
离开舒适区 step out of one’s comfort zone
转基因食物 genetically modified food
为我自己辩护一下 in my defense
尝到了人生的艰辛 taste the hardship of life
明确的性别分工 a clear gender division
承担家务的人 housework undertaker
平等接受教育 have equal access to education
再就业 find new employment
繁重的体力劳动 strenuous manual labor
性别差异 gender gap/difference/disparity
工作表现 workplace performance
亲密的家庭 a closely-knit family
相互理解 mutual understanding
平衡……和…… strike a balance between … and …


1.Only by … , can sb do sth.


Only by cooperating with others, can we enhance our working efficiency.


Older generation are usually frugal. They don’t understand young people’s idea of spending money just for fun.


Constructing residential building makes an effort in solving the problem of urban overcrowding.


An unhealthy lifestyle can put people in the danger of getting sick.


Rural areas provide people with opportunities to escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

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